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Our Oils

Our Tea Tree Oil exceeds Australian and International minimum standards for Terpinen-4-ol and contains lower levels of para-cymene and 1,8 cineole to help minimise the risk of potential skin sensitisation.

Every Thursday Plantation product is subject to rigorous quality assurance and manufacturing standards, resulting in high quality, pharmaceutical grade oils.


We ensure the highest quality raw ingredients and strictest quality processes are used throughout the making of our oils.

Each batch is tested and evaluated ensuring our oils meet our strict quality standards. Read about our Laboratory below to understand our commitment to quality.


Our passion, to research and develop therapeutic oils for you and your family, is backed by continuous testing to ensure we deliver the highest quality oil every time.

All of our oils meet Australian and International standards which means you are assured of the highest quality product.

The Team

Our balanced team is a combination of naturopaths, scientists, farmers and laboratory technicians ensuring we look at our products holistically.


Thursday Plantation and Integria Healthcare have a strong commitment to excellence in natural healthcare research and make significant investments in research and development (R&D).

Over the years Integria Healthcare has supported more than 20 human clinical trials of our products, with the results published in peer-reviewed journals. Additionally the company funds a range of other research, in particular phytochemistry and in vitro studies.

Led by Dr Hans Wohlmuth (PhD), Integria’s R&D team collaborates with researchers from around the world, including scientists from some of Australia’s leading universities and research organisations.


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